Massive Feature Stones are one of the most striking products in the landscaping business today. Feature Stones are in great demand and are used most commonly for waterfalls, centerpieces, entrances, and borders along roads.

If you have been searching for that certain something to set your yard apart from others, then search no further! Kettle Valley Stone Company has a wide variety of stone products perfect for the weekend warrior or the professional landscaper.

Kettle Valley Stone Company has various colours and textures of stone products available in a variety of sizes ranging from HAND size stones to MAN size boulders.

We also carry landscape crush in chip, one inch, and two inch sizes. All of these are perfect for complementing your new rock retaining wall and acting as a decorative accent in your garden beds. 

When ordering through our professional and courteous staff at the quarry, one can always bank on knowing that each load has been meticulously sorted to their specifications and it has been weighed on the onsite quarry scale to ensure you get exactly what you are paying for and what you are quoted.

Kettle Valley Stone's Thin Veneer is approximately one inch thick with corresponding corners. The corner cut gives a full stone look without the added cost or weight associated with full bed depth veneers.


Kettle Valley Stone's Thin Veneer product line is the perfect solution for all of your residential and commercial building projects or renovations.

Building a dry stone retaining wall is a challenge and we at Kettle Valley Stone Company have years of experience to assist you with all of your needs.


In addition to supporting the weight of the earth it is meant to retain, the wall should, by its construction, ensure proper drainage. It must also survive the surrounding area’s freeze-and-thaw cycles.

Whether you love the sound of a babbling brook or that of trickling waterfalls, we have the outdoor water products and advice that will suit any project.