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Ring Terminal

Ring Terminal

Do you need a ring terminal for your electrical project? Look no further than ElecDirect. We have several different sizes available and carry a large selection of electrical hardware. 

What Is A Ring Terminal?

A ring terminal is used to connect two or more wires to a single connection point. A ring terminal is often used for connecting mechanical relays. They are also commonly used in the automotive industry. There are different types of ring terminals.

It can often be challenging to figure out which type of ring terminal you should use for your application. There are heat shrink insulated terminals, vinyl-covered terminals, and non-insulated terminals.

What Is A Non-Insulated Terminal?

Not all terminals are ring terminals, but they all serve the same purpose.  A non-insulated terminal is usually the least expensive option available. Some can handle temperatures up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. The crimp point is visible, which allows you to see if you make a good connection. You can also solder or add heat shrink if needed to create a better-sealed connection.

A non-insulated terminal should only be used in places where they cannot short out. Some of the high temp or heavy-duty terminals require special crimp tools or takes a tremendous amount of force to crimp. Because the connection is not sealed, they can corrode, and if they are only crimped, the wires can be pulled out.

What Are Insulated Terminals?

There are different types of insulated terminals. Vinyl insulated terminals are usually the cheapest insulated option, easy to obtain with a wide variety of options, and offer a secure crimp on installation. The crimp is not visible, and it can be challenging to ascertain if you have achieved a proper crimp. They do not have a sealed connection and often have problems with corrosion and wires getting pulled out if not properly crimped.

Nylon Insulated terminals offer an easy crimp installation, and they come in a wide variety. The nylon is more flexible and doesn't crack as often as vinyl. Most of the nylon insulated terminals can be "double crimped," making a stronger connection. They have semi-translucent insulation that makes it easy for you to see if you made a good connection. Nylon insulated terminals, however, are more expensive than vinyl. They do not have a sealed connection so they can become corroded, and wires can be pulled out.

Heat Shrink Solder Seal Terminals create a stronger connection than a crimp. The solder also reduces the voltage drop across the connections. These types of terminals can be used when there is not enough room to use a crimp tool. The translucent insulation makes it easy to see if you have made a good connection. The heat shrink provides a sealed environment and helps protect against corrosion.

Heat Shrink Crimp & Solder Terminals create a secure connection and reduces the voltage drop across the connections. The heat shrink crimp and solder is a permanent fix and provides resistance against erosion and wires coming loose. Heat Shrink Crimp and Solder Terminals require a heat gun or butane torch to install.

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Ring Terminal
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