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Granite Countertops Austin Texas

Granite Countertops Austin Texas

Finding the right material for your countertop is not an easy task. It needs time and patience to find the perfect match. With Bella Stone, we can help you find the perfect style and color of your kitchen tops depending on the interior of your home.

We offer the best designs of granite countertops in Austin, Texas. We provide the complete work for your countertop project, starting with the removal of your old worktops up to the installation of the new one.

Granite Countertops

There may be other stones available in the market for your countertops. Some materials are marble and quartz.

A marble countertop can be less durable because it is softer than granite. It can also react to some acidic or citric food that can affect its appearance in time. And most importantly, it can be scratched by your knife.

With quartz, it is a combination of the stone and resin. It cannot handle hot pans and tends to leave burn marks on the surface.

But when you choose a granite countertop, you can never go wrong. Our granite countertops in Austin, Texas will surely give you the pleasure of having a new look on your kitchen.

A granite countertop can withstand a very high temperature. You don’t have to worry about placing very hot cookware on top of it. It won’t be damaged at all.

It has a wide slab. It can even fit your kitchen with just a few cuts because of its natural shape. This also makes it more elegant looking because of its odd but unique appearance. The surface is flat, too, making it easier for you to work on it.

It lasts longer. Once it is properly sealed, it resists dirt and bacteria. The surface is not porous making hygienic.     

It is scratch-proof. So even if you always use your tops heavily for preparing food, your knives would not hurt it at all.

Cleaning it is not complicated. Use a cloth with water and soap would be enough to keep it clean. For stains, it is better you clean it immediately, but most of the time it is resistant to it.

These granite tops are easy to repair too. Once you find some cracks in it, you can use some epoxy to fill it, but it is highly advisable to call a certified fabricator to do the job for you.

You can spend your money wisely. With all its benefits, you don’t have to worry about changing your counters again in the future.

Countertop Experts

Our team is composed of the certified contractors to install the granites correctly. We work in the fastest timeframe to avoid any delays. Most of all, our services come at a very affordable price to make our customers satisfied.

So start your project with us now and see the finished product of your new kitchen. You can request for a complete service quote for your project free of charge. Talk to us if you need help with the designs and colors of the counters. We have the highly specialized team to give you advice with the interiors.

Granite Countertops Austin Texas
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